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    Along with the changes in health care management, new tools and technologies are also employed for coordinating better health care. The recent innovation in the constantly evolving world of medicine is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software. Advancement in technology has increased the need for data protection. Moreover, with convenience provided by the EMR Software, physicians and medical practices are able to improve their productivity.
    EMR Software and Data Security
    Now that the Internet and digital devices are quite common and digitization is the most-widely performed process in several industries, the need for protecting the personal data has increased manifold. It is more so in the medical industry where sensitive personal health information of individuals is at stake.
    Key information about patients such as insurance and prescription, when acquired by unauthenticated users, might turn disastrous. Practices need to exercise the utmost caution in securing their patients’ personal information. The following are a few of reliable ways to secure data:
    Device encryption: Encrypting all the devices with the most modern security features is the best way of securing data. The modern EMR Software that has secure and encrypted features is the choice of several practices in this regard.
    PHI Transmission in Encrypted form: Whether internal or external, transmission of personal health information is always performed in the encrypted form in the EMR Software.
    Password Protection: Even after encryption, the entire PHI needs to be kept under password protection. Using specific login credentials ensures complete data security.
    Physician Productivity and the EMR Software
    Key health care outcomes such as care quality, patient satisfaction, and care costs are driven by physician productivity. Physicians having a big influence on a major portion of all treatment decisions are central to the health care delivery. The following factors available in the EMR Software ensure increasing the productivity of Physicians:
    – Paper-based charts being eliminated, the Electronic Medical Record Software reduces errors considerably while offering critical patient information quickly- this helps improve productivity.
    – Patients being involved more in their care, practice productivity increases.
    – Data can be put to better use, enabling medical professionals to save time and efforts – this leads to better productivity.
    75Health has come up with the most optimal EMR Software that presents complex things in simple form. Cloud-based, this state-of-the-art EMR Software provides accurate and complete patient information that is not only accurate, but also easy to access.

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